which is yours?

Don’t call it mobile chain, call it NACY!

You love action and live by the motto “THE SKY IS THE LIMIT”? Your mobile phone is always there and your lifestyle is characterized by adventure, rules are there for you to be broken and you are curious about what the world out there has to offer you? Then we fit together perfectly! We are NACY and make exactly for you – mobile phone chains. NACY is THE NEXT GENERATION on mobile chains and matching accessories.

Your thing. Your NACY.

We take care of your most important part and put your mobile phone on the chain. No more spider apps, a grip in the toilet and searching for your mobile phone in pockets or black holes. Have your hands free for the really important things in life. And if you need to have your mobile phone quickly at hand for the perfect photo or an important call, you can carry it directly on your body, even without a heavy bag or bulging pocket. This is how EASY LIVING works!

Feel free, feel safe.

NACY mobile phone chains are designed for you and your needs and as individual as you are. That’s why we offer you maximum protection and function. NACY products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and a focus on details.

Give me a chain!

Sure, wear your smartphone on a chain and be in full action – TRUST US! So that your smartphone is optimally secured and you can enjoy our products for a long time, we have not left the choice of materials to chance. NACY mobile phone chains are developed, designed and tested to represent a new generation – just like you! GENERATION NACY.

Save your day with NACY

With us you will find mobile phone chains to hang around, with whose help you can always keep your smartphone handy and in view. With NACY you make your life a bit easier and follow the trend of the times: Our smartphone chains are really practical in everyday life. Whether at sports, in restaurants or shopping: From now on, your phone is ready to hand and your hands are still free. You notice when it vibrates and don’t have to interrupt your current activity to search for it or dig it out of the shallows of your pocket.

Our mobile phone chains are not only really practical in everyday life, but also provide you with perfect service when walking or on holiday, hiking or in the club at parties – just when you don’t want to take a big bag with you.


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